Saturday, 23 June 2012

Hello World!

Yesterday David started his (hopefully) last round of Chemo!!
It will be so amazing to be done with the Cancer treatments,
and be able to say, at least for now, we have won the fight!
Who know's what the future holds, but we are thankful for every extra day!

We made the most of the last few weeks,
(David's chemo was delayed for a couple of weeks due to a cold and then low white blood cells)
So as David actually felt pretty fit we made the most of it!
We went on hikes and bike rides and picnics.

Oh and tree climbing and duck feeding...

Every one had lots of fun.

Sammy climbed the highest...

But Oliver the Brave gave it a jolly good go.... 
I think this child is going to be jumping out of planes and other crazy things by his teens!

He is so blummin' strong and fearless!

The older boys have far more energy than us and tend to go weaving in and out of the trees,
walking at least double the distance we do.

We are a family who love to be outdoors!

We are very excited about the Summer holidays,
Lots more hiking, camping, sleeping on the beach, biking and picnics etc to look forward too!

Until then David will be doing alot of.....


When all is said and done life is pretty great!

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  1. Lovely to hear from you, and lovely to read about your happy trips out and about. Love to cousin David (and you and the kids!) xxx