Thursday, 11 August 2011

Because You're Fabulous.....

With David having served his mission in America,
and Rebecca spending many of her early years on American army bases...
We like to celebrate some American holidays in our home.
Our favorite one has to be Thanksgiving.
It is a perfect opportunity to show how much we love each other,
and how grateful we are for all we have..
and for the wonderful people we have in our lives.

We are always looking for fantastic new traditions we can enjoy in our home.
I found a beautiful glass jar at Wilkinsons for just £5.00!!
It just jumped of the shelf into my arms...
saying "buy me, buy me!!"
To which I replyed "for what purpose do I need you?"
"I don't know yet but you will know soon, trust me, buy me!" said the jar.
So I lovingly agreed as it clearly did not want to stay at the shop anymore....
Maybe it was being bullied by the bigger jars...
I just don't know but I had a loving home and knew I could share it with this fabulous jar!

So it then occured to me,
I wanted a nice box to keep on the table so we could all leave nice notes
of why we love each other and things we are thankful for.
So that on Thanksgiving day we can sit and read them out
and everyone will know they are loved and worthwhile.

The jar said " I can do that, I would love to hold all that love and happiness inside me!"
What could I say but "yes!!".
So not only does the little jar get a new home
but gets to be filled with all the love our house holds too!!

Here is our little friend ready for compliments...

Isn't she lovely!

Oh and for those bargain hunters out there...
The twine is on sale at Wilkinsons, 
I bought a HUGE roll of twine must be about 300 metres for under £1!
The kind you use for craft project.

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  1. I love this jar and how it spoke to you! It kepts it's promise when it told you to trust it as there was a purpose for it. This is a great idea for Thanksgiving. I would do it but my hubby teases me about all the traditions I like to start. I love traditions but he'd rather not have to be locked into so much planning (outside of work) so I think I may be maxed out on my allotted annual traditions (LOL).