Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Give a little Love!

Recently.... well always actually
I wonder to my self, do I do enough?
The answer to the question is simply NO!
When our world is filled with need, hurt, disease, starvation, heartbreak, murder, war and many more terrible things..... is it enough for us to just merrily go about our lives without helping?

It may be limited what we can do,
but what you can offer the world may be just whats makes a world of difference to one person.
Willingly and lovingly giving what we can offer can also change our lives too.

[FRAMED] show..... my favorite show.... have done a fabulous job of highlighting this.
This week's film they have followed an inspirational family and specifically an individual named
Benjamin Edwards.
His family have very little as far as we would expect a person who is rich to have,
However they are some of the richest people I have ever heard of!
They have experienced first hand from there trips to Africa what life is really about.
They know what is important and they make their lives about doing those important things,

Click on this link to see why they are just so amazing!

Now, I had already been wondering what I can do to make a difference to someones life.
I can't at this time go to somewhere like Africa but I can give of myself here.
I want to give a little camera love to someone who needs some cheering up and who wouldn't
otherwise get it.
I would like to offer my talent to help give a family some much needed happy memories.
If you know someone who needs this then please let me know.
It may be that they are struggling with cancer, loss or hardship.
Please contact me with their name, and details of why they are so amazing and needing a smile.

I know what I can offer is by no means as much as is required to make a real change in this world,
However if I can change a few lives even for a few moments 
Then for now that will do..... at least until I can give more, be more and do more!

I would like to invite you to change someones life too,
even the smallest of gestures and make a world of difference to someones life.
Let them know you care, and they are not alone!!

You can message me here or click below on m y Facebook page and message me there!

Thanks for looking!

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