Monday, 10 March 2008

And the West family grows by one...

Exciting stuff- baby number five is en route! Having now heard the heart beat and seen the images, there is definitely a baby (one baby) in there. Due date is 29th/30th August (ambiguity because this is a leap year and we do not think that the midwife adjusted for this in her calculation).

We are all booked in to Bassetlaw hospital for midwifery care and the birth. This is a great hospital- not too big and so very clean. Even taking into account the recent news article about a set of babies being mixed, we loved this hospital with Micah and so look forward to coming away with some more great birthing memories and (hopefully) the correct child… no Coronation Street story lines for us please!

We are looking for names at the moment- feel free to suggest additions to the shortlist.

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