Friday, 19 October 2007

33 and 66

That's 33 days until Thanksgiving and 66 until Christmas. Until then we are trying to get the family over a stomach bug that seems to have been making the rounds of the area and getting back into the routine of work and school.

David is away with work quite a bit over the next few weeks and the kids are on half-term so Rebecca is running the show in it's entirety. Should be fun. We just have to keep the kids focused and busy- Becky is great at that.

We are just looking at what decorations to get for the holidays. B&Q have got a great range so we are excited to pour some of David's bonus back into the company... they have got some black and orange gnomes that will look great on the stairs!

Now we just need to re tile the kitchen floor and make the new serving hatch to the dining room look pretty... plenty of time!

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