Saturday, 1 September 2007

Twice in a week!

Firstly check this out. It is quite amazing... Perfect eutopian web 2.0

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We have booked our October Holiday- we are off to the Lake District for a week or so.

We are just starting to get together activities and walks that we can all do. We will be starting at the Preston Temple for a weekend (about the halfway point) then heading the rest of the way for a week on Windermere. Hopefully the weather will have stabalised by this point so it will be comfortable. We are all kitted with wet-weather gear though so we should be OK whatever the weather.

Does anyone have any suggestions for some good walks suitable for young children? Micah will be on David's back but Lara and the other boys will be strolling alongside. Because of this, we need something with great views but not too challenging. Scafell is probably out...

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