Sunday, 26 August 2007

Feeling strangely festive... only 121 days to go!

Probably due to the abysmal weather this summer, and the particular chilly weather and dark mornings. Maybe it is David working in global logistics and having a few hundred containers of Christmas tree arriving into the UK over the next few weeks. Maybe we are just insane. Whichever option is accurate (I think that it is a nice cocktail of them all) the West family have been feeling rather festive during the recent days. But it is still August! The kid’s haven’t even started back to school yet! We have not even had any really decent weather so far! How can Christmas be on its way? The problem is that it is not… well not fast enough!

Is this how animals and plants feel? Is this what the feeling of hibernation or gathering nuts for winter feels like? Who knows? All we can identify is that we have the inklings of Christmas in the home but almost a third of a year before the big day. Crazy! Looks like we will have to plan a holiday in October just to break up the months until Thanksgiving!

In the meantime Rebecca is getting her “festive fix” by making our family Christmas cards ready for a festive photo to be attached after Thanksgiving.

Until then it’s time to fine-tune the house ready for the festivities. Redecorate the dining room (after the demolition work of inserting a French door and a window to the kitchen), retile the kitchen floor and worktops and provide a lick or two of paint around the house. Maybe David will even get the time to plumb the ground floor washroom before the ground freezes…

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  1. So I want to see pictures of how you've decorated and renovated your house!!!